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Board of Trustees Candidate Pledge

As a candidate for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, I hereby pledge my commitment to the University’s community of students, faculty, and staff. In this commitment, I acknowledge the University’s neglect in responding to, preventing, and investigating instances of sexual misconduct, violence and discrimination. In this acknowledgment, I recognize the administration’s lack of accountability that has enabled them to act against the best interests of the MSU community.


Finally, in my pledge to the Spartan community: I commit to valuing the health and wellbeing of the community through equitable distribution of power and resources; I commit to procedural justice where different social groups and stakeholders are represented and have a seat and voice at the decision-making table; I commit to promoting a safe and inclusive campus that is empowering and fosters a learning environment; I commit to fostering a culture of consent and transparency in the Board of Trustees and administration.


With my election to the Board of Trustees, I hereby resolve to implement shared governance and institutional structures as described in the Policy Proposal of Reclaim MSU

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